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Music Promo | New Music From $mitty Korleone  

Artist Name 

$mitty Korleone 




Artist Bio 

That young $plashy nigga in the Kut real Athens Park Blood Suu Whoop im the illest rapper on he internet im out here making niggas look bad with that real deal rap shit ya smell my sauce is fully activated and its drippy to the x to the maximum to the 10th power word son Winners CircleXAMG i dont need a deal I am the deal how you the mob when we the motherfuckin mob im out chea talkin cash money shit and thats on my gang my tam my blood you know what i bleed all red shout to the almight red nation im from Oceanside California im a god fearing man im a father and 500 characters is a lot 


How long have you been in the music industry? 

i have been recording for two years 

Who are your major influences? 

Jay z snoop dogg yg lil wayne juelz santana camron everyone 

What do you love/hate about the music industry? 

i love to see young black people getting paid and i hate all the bullshit the industry promotes 

Tell us about your most recent projects/collaborations 

my last project was a mixtape modeled after lil waynes dedicaion series i took various artist beats and went in on them i wrote in jail off the memory of song i knew to sing to myself i just made the songs my own 

If you could choose an artist to collab with, who would it be? 

Young thug