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Alexander Coleman 





Artist Bio 

24 year old producer/beat maker/artist/audio engineer born and raised in Louisiana. Started making beats and recording my friends when I was 15. Dived deeper into the technology and different production software as I went through my teen years. I've been creating everyday for a while now even if it's not music. I think it keeps me sane. I'm pursuing a career as a music producer/audio engineer and looking to work with talented artists. I have worked with recording artists Puerto Rican Johnny, Pete Sakes, Metrik, and others as an engineer and producer. I recently started selling instrumentals on TrakTrain and BeatStars websites also. 

How long have you been in the music industry? 

Been writing music and making beats since I was 15. Started getting serious and perfecting my craft five years ago. 

Who are your major influences? 

I'm a big fan of 90's to early 2000's metal; Tool, Deftones, and stuff like that. I listen to lots of different music from reggae to classical to field recordings 

What do you love/hate about the music industry? 

The number one thing the music industry does for me is that it helps put great creative minds in rooms together and lets us witness the results in some form. A downside though I've noticed is most people think it's all about your art and output, when it's more about making connections and getting your name out with the music 

Tell us about your most recent projects/collaborations 

I recently released my first full beat tape cleverly titled "BEAT TAPE 01" on Soundcloud. It's partly a compilation of instrumentals I wrote, mixed, and mastered from late 2016 to early 2018 between recording with a few artists and working on other projects 

If you could choose an artist to collab with, who would it be? 

BROCKHAMPTON, they're riding their own wave in music right now

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